Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, it wasn't crowded!

Did my last run of the week in the rain out at my old stomping grounds, Spinnaker Point. It's a funny little paved bike path near the Hispanic part of San Rafael near the Richmond/Bay Bridge. You always see people fishing, couple cuddling, kids lurching around on bikes with training wheels. There are always hawks looking for their prey in the marsh, tons of ducks scattered around on the bay, and deerbrush blooming along the trail. Okay, not always. I saw only a few other brave souls this morning, as California is finally getting some much-needed rain.
The 3 mile run felt great, real fast and light. My various aches and pains seem to have quieted down a bit (maybe I have beat them into submission?) and even though it was cold and blowy, I felt charged up for the PCTR 35k this Saturday. The weather seems to have cleared, so hopefully we will just get nice and muddy. Much longer run than I have done in awhile, so I'm crossing my fingers that it goes well!

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