Friday, January 30, 2009

The Big 29!

Today is my 29th Birthday! Since my birthday is always in the winter (unless I'm in the southern hemisphere) I tend to not try and do a big adventure because I always end up cold and disappointed. This weekend we are going to NYC to have fun out on the town, and until then I am stuck in the gym. Why do the miles feel twice as long on a treadmill?
I'm happy with what I've achieved so far in life, so I am not having any crisises. I get outside a lot, I am engaged to an awesome guy, I go to a new country pretty much every year, I have a job I believe in, and I continue to challenge myself. The 20's have been fun- 1 more year to be immature and get away with it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not a wedding, and not a trail

Did 16 miles on the treadmill today. Did them the way the nice old lady at the Angel Island trail race told me to run the AR50- 25 minutes at a comfortable place, then 5 min walking. Still took 2:45, and still felt tough, but the treadmill magnifies things. Then H helped me work up a training plan like an actual athlete. Luckily, you get to plan to surf, backpack, and trail run.
I can't wait for this snow to melt and to get back to running on trails. I fall asleep at night hurting for the Sierras in summer. What an extra funny burden to feel so connected to the natural world- another relationship to maintain, that you hurt without, that you have to prioritize. I don't feel that t I have a connection that others don't, but rather stunned at how strong the illusion that we are not connected to nature really is.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Angel Island 16k

As my first training race for the AR50, I entered the Pacific Trail 16k Angel Island trail race on 1/11. It was a beautiful sparkly day, with record high temps and sun all around. I had run a PCTR race before but I had heard good things, and they lived up to their reputation. The aid station snacks were amazing! The course was well marked and beautiful, 2 loops around the island, with a windy fun descent each time. Amazing views of SF, OAK, Marin, Mt. would be a great place to teach people about Bay Area geography. Anyhow, met some nice folks and placed 3rd in my age group (though my age group was pretty slow, I'll admit). Can't wait until Woodside!

This is not a Wedding

After a day of extreme wedding drama, R and I grabbed a couple beers and hiked up the fire road behind Dominican College. A much, much needed breath of fresh air. Mellow uphill climb with a great view.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cataract Trail

Did my hill work on cataract trail this afternoon. My body was feeling tired so I only went up to the top of the trail (laurel dell), wandered around a bit, and ran down. I did think about Kansas though, and how much I appreciate this awesome vibrantly textured nature out here. I am sure Kansas will have some of the same, but this Cali girl will have a little adjusting to do.
I am trying to figure out a good word for a run where you stop at point where it seems fun or something interesting happens. Like for instance today I ran, but I also stopped at a waterfall, hiked up a steep hill, and ate huckleberries. My dad called it "funning". I kind of like it.

"Before" training for the AR50

I made II take this picture of me after 2 months of barely running and 2 weeks of heavy holiday eating and drinking. Let's consider it the "before" shot. I'll take another right before my 50 miler. If anything, it should be proof that elliptical trainers are garbage.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mt. Tam Training Run

Distance: ~6 miles
Where: Dipsea Trail>Coast View Trail>Redwood Creek Trail
Notes: Good times! I had never run the Dipsea before, and even the ~2.5 miles of it I ran lived up to its reputation. As tough as I think I am on occasion, I cannot believe that a quad Dipsea exists. The Coastal View trail was beautiful, and reminded me how much I love running and hiking on a slight decline along ridges. Maybe for my next training run I will start further north.
Also, I don't think I like or need my iPod trail runnig. At least not on these short runs.
Also, Muir Woods is a fricken zoo. Stay away on Saturday.

Surfing Santa Barbara

II came out over Xmas and we spent some time in Santa Barbara. We surfed Jalama one day (okay, he surfed and I took pictures) but the rest of the time mostly surfed our old haunts- Sands and Dev. Small waves but lots of fun goofy times longboarding with friends.