Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to California

As much as I love being with my sweetie in New York, and as aesthetically pleasing as the snow outside my window is, I love California weather. Unfortunately my last day in New York, II and I were walking aroung Brooklyn and I tripped and twisted my ankle and skinned my knee. I think that it's a short term injury, but my fingers are crossed. This could throw a wrench in my plans.
But this morning, I went on my first outdoor run in weeks! Not a trail run, just a 7 mile run up through the neighborhoods in Oakland. It was a warm glowy morning, and it was wonderful to be outside. Of course I want more. I wish every day could start with a surf session, followed by a few hours to write, some time tending to my garden, and then a 4 hour run in the Sierras. But until then, a morning like this one is pretty nice.
This weekend should be a good time. I have a 21 mile trail race in Santa Cruz, then Ryan and I are going backpacking for the night. If my ankle is still bothering me, I will blow off the run. Can't wait to get into nature.
I promise I will take my camera on the next few runs! Too many posts without pictures. My apologies.

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