Friday, April 3, 2009

Pre-race Report: AR50

I'm off to the AR50 in a few minutes!
I looked at the maps yesterday and I am psyched to see that the race ends up near Auburn Dam where I used to guide the white water. I love that area- it will feel like going home.
My body feels good, outside of a little pain on the outside of my left knee. The pain in my right IT band from this winter is totally gone. My twisted ankle feels sore when I circle it, but feels fine when I run. I am a little nervous about my treadmill winter and my extreme taper over the last few weeks, but nothing much I can do about that now! What I got is what I got.
I am a little nervous about the embarrassing digestive problem that sometimes plagues me when I run. I can eat alright, but then...well, I will spare you the gory details! So my fingers are crossed! I got potatoes, lots of Heed energy drink, and I will wear my camelbak. The first time doing a certain distance is so funny! You just don't know how your body will react.
Mentally I feel strong. I can visualize finishing, and I really want to finish. I know that the only person that can make me not finish this thing is me. And I hope to have fun doing it!
Anyhow, I would appreciate good thoughts tomorrow! I would love to finish btwn 11 and 12 hours, but who knows. The race starts at 6am PST. I can't wait to get going!

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seth said...

went surfing for 3 hours this morning, got pretty tired towards the end, was thinking about your day...